Article Marketing Success: 4 Tips For Driving Traffic To A New Website

When you start a brand new website, it can be very daunting trying to figure out how to get visitors to come to your site. You’ve just spent a lot of time creating the site, deciding on your colors and graphics and what content to put on your site, and when you’re finished you just want to celebrate!

Your heart swells with pride–you want everyone to look at your beautiful website!

You probably did not realize before you began what a challenge getting visitors to your website would be. You see, when you build a site, no one knows that it’s there. People don’t know that it’s there, and neither do search engines like Google.

How do you get people to come to your site?

That is the whole purpose of marketing a website–you’re letting search engines and people know what your website is about, and you’re giving an easy way to get there.

Alright, then how do you market your website? Is it hard?

The good news is that it actually isn’t hard, but it does require consistent effort. It’s totally something most regular everyday people can do, provided that they choose a marketing tool that is user friendly, such as article marketing.

If you have just set up a website and you’re wanting to start the flow of traffic coming in, just follow these four steps:

1 – Build up the value on your site.

I know you just finished your website and you want to start doing things to market it from the outside, but first you need to be sure that your site is offering the most value that it can. This will help your marketing efforts in the long run.

When I say “value”, I mean any sort of content on your site that will be useful or educational to your readers. You can do all the marketing in the world, but if your site doesn’t have much to offer viewers, then it’s not going to help very much.

So first, focus on making your own site as information packed and useful as you can.

2 – Submit articles every month consistently.

With article marketing, you will be writing educational articles on your topic and submitting them to online publishers. These articles are called “free reprint articles” because publishers can reprint them for free, provided that they include your resource box (that’s basically an author biography) and a link back to your website.

The power behind article submissions is in the consistency. You aren’t really looking for any one of your articles to unlock the flow of traffic (although it’s not unusual for people to find your website through your articles), but rather you’re looking to submit articles on a steady basis and to improve your search engine ranking over time. The higher your search engine ranking, the more people will be directed to your website.

Article marketing isn’t hard by any means, but you do need to take a long term view and focus on submitting articles consistently over time.

3 – Do keyword research for article topics and for the keywords you’ll link in your resource box.

I had mentioned “search engine ranking” before–your search engine ranking is referring to where your website ranks in Google and the other search engines when someone types in a query having to do with your niche.

Your job is to figure out what your target readers are typing into Google to reach websites in your niche. You do that by doing keyword research.

If you’ve ever wondered what to write about, keyword research can totally take the mystery out of figuring out writing topics. You can see exactly the sort of information that your potential readers are typing into Google, and then you can write articles that satisfy those things that people are searching for.

4 – Be patient!

This is the most difficult step of all. It is so tempting to want to see results right away or to want to submit just a couple articles and then be ranked #1 in Google, but that’s just not realistic. It takes time and consistent article submissions to market a website, so settle in and be patient.

Marketing a website is absolutely crucial to your online success, but it’s something that you’re capable of doing yourself. All you need to do is write articles on your topic and submit them. Do a little keyword research. Beef up the content on your own website, and then make marketing with articles a regular part of your business.

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